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Aug 12
Functions | Python programming

A function is a peace of code and used to do some specific task on given data. Also we use....

Aug 12
File handling | Python programming

On this tutorial we are going to learn how we can access the file system with python. Hear we have....

Aug 12
Lists & Dictionaries | Python programming

A list is a way to store data. In languages like C, php we saw they use a special type of variable....

Aug 12
Format strings | Python programming

Format strings are used to format the printing output. We can print a string with variables in it.....

Aug 12
Modules | Python programming

Module is a simple but powerful concept in python. We saw in C programs we used header files. (....

Aug 12
Inputs & arguments | Python programming

Getting user inputs is an essential part of a program. In python we have several ways to get inputs....

Aug 12
Playing with Strings | Python programming

A string is a array of characters. Also we can call that as a character buffer. In a previous....

Aug 12
Variables | Python programming

You know that variable is a memory space ant it contains a value. When we talk in low level that's....

Aug 12
Printing | Python programming

Printing is an absolutely basic part of a programming language. We learned how we can print a....

Aug 12
Loops | Python programming

Looping is an essential part of a programming language. If you want to do a task again and again....

Aug 12
Error Handling | Python Programming

Errors are absolutely normal when programming. You may get hundred of errors while learning. Not....

Aug 12
How to use python as a http server

Hello guys, Today I'm hear with another quick tutorial. in this one I'll explain you how we can....