Mar 07, 2022

CIA law of cryptography

Today I selected an important topic in cryptography. We can call or as the base of cryptography. It's the CIA. Low. This theory describes some basic qualities those data should have. The primary goal of cryptography is to contain these three qualities of data.CIA stands for Confidentiality , Integrity and availability. So let's talk more about them one by one.


First we have to talk about the first term Confidentiality.Actually this is the primary goal of cryptography. The simple meaning is securing data. We can protect data by applying a password. So if someone want to access those data he.she want the password. Hear we were able to restrict access for public. But some special group of people is still able to access data. So the duty of Confidentiality is to ensure privacy and security of data. How we can improve confidentiality of data? We can use use password protections and two factor authentication etc. Also it's a good programming practice to hide sensitive data from public.


Next term is Integrity. This ensure that data is correct and can be trusted. You may heard about hashing methods like MD5, SHA1 etc. By using a hash we can check if data is correct or not. Let's take an example .When you download a I so file of a distro like Kali you get a hash on there site. After you download the ISO, you can use a tool to get it's hash locally. If two hashes are same , the ISO file is correct and can be trusted. We'll talk more about hashes in next tutorials. Also we can use file permissions and give permissions to special group like in Linux systems.


Availability is the last term of these three concepts. It's no worth if we can't access data. We want to password protect or encrypt data. But those should be accessible to some people. When we talk about integrity of data t's important to take backups of data. So if we miss something we can restore it quickly. Also when we talk about a system or a server , we have to maintain it correctly and install updates regularly. Then we can ensure up time is high. So today I explained about CIA. In next tutorials we are going to go deep of cryptography. Thank you for reading.
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