Mar 26
Can cyber security be self taught 

In recent years, cybersecurity has become an increasingly important topic for individuals and organizations around the world. The rapid expansion of the internet and the digitalization of many....

Mar 26
How cyber security and network security are related

In today's world, where we rely heavily on the internet and computer networks, cyber security and network security have become crucial for protecting our sensitive data from cyber threats. Although....

Mar 24
Top 10 web application penetration testing tools

Web application penetration testing is the process of identifying security vulnerabilities in web applications through active and passive analysis. Penetration testing tools help in identifying....

Mar 23
Remote Command Execution

In this article, we are going to see another interesting topic in web application hacking. This is called remote command execution. the same vulnerability is also known as remote code execution, OS....

Jan 07
Reverse TCP shell with Metasploit

Metasploit is an awesome tool which is. It can automate the exploitation process, generate shellcodes, use it as a listener, etc. I hope to start a tutorial series on the Metasploit framework and....

Jan 07
Moving data with assembly

In a normal Windows/Linux environment you have heard about moving data or files. What we do is copy data from a source location to a destination. Assembly MOV instruction is very similar to that.....

Jan 05
Assembly programming for beginners

Assembly is a low-level programming language. You already know that low-level programming languages are close to machines and very hard to understand by humans. We have already written some programs....

Dec 26
Debugging Binaries with GDB

GDB is shipped with the GNU toolset. It is a debugging tool used in Linux environments. The term GDB stands for GNU Debugger. In our previous protostar stack0 walkthrough tutorial, we used GDB many....

Dec 26
GDB reverse engineering tutorial

Today I selected an interesting topic to discuss. Here we are going to disassemble a binary file and take a look at what it does. We call it reverse engineering. Let's run the program and figure out....

Dec 26
Write a c++ program to perform complex number arithmetic

In this tutorial, we are going to see how we can write a complex number program in c++ using the class object concepts. It is a great example for beginners to understand classes and objects. I hope....

Dec 26
Singly Linked List Data Structure

A singly linked list is a data structure used in computer programming to store a collection of items. It is made up of nodes, each containing some data and a reference to the next node in the list.....

Mar 23
SQL injection login bypass

SQL injection, The classical example of web application vulnerabilities. Actually, the term SQL injection login bypass is pretty old and SQL injection is rare in modern web applications. But if you....

Dec 25
Termux command list

Termux is a terminal emulator application for mobile devices. In this document, we are going to talk about Termux and its features. We can use it to install Linux tools on a mobile phone. Here....

Jan 06
Build A Simple Web shell

A web shell is a type of code that hackers use to gain control over a web server. It is particularly useful for post-exploitation attacks, and there are various types of web shells available. Some....

Jan 06
Wordpress nulled theme checker

We all love free stuff. So many people try to install premium themes and plugins on their WordPress blogs. Most of them use nulled themes or cracked versions of premium themes. The main disadvantage....

Dec 27
Inputs and Outputs in Assembly Programming

Printing a string to the stdout In this section, we are going to see how we can print something on the screen using assembly instructions. We learned in the previous tutorial that we can use....

Dec 26
SEO friendly url with PHP

When it comes to search engine optimization, URL structure plays an important role. If the URL structure of your website is easy to understand and it is readable then you have a good chance of....

Dec 26
Best ethical hacking books for beginners

Hacking is an interesting area in computer science to study. In this article, I'm going to introduce some great books. With my experience, I can say those are the best ethical hacking books for....


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