May 16
Stack architecture theory tutorial

The stack is an important concept in computer science. If you are planning to learn reverse....

May 09
Best ethical hacking books for beginners

Hacking is an interesting in computer science aria to study. Hear we are going to see some awesome....

May 04
Termux command list

Hi guys, In this document we are going to talk about a mobile Linux platform . Termux is a terminal....

May 04
C programming strings

In our "Manipulating data with C" article we saw how we can store data in memory. We used the....

May 03
C programming file descriptors

File access is an essential feature of any programming language. In C we can use two methods to....

May 01
build a tcp server with C

Socket programming is one of most important feature in C. In this document we are going to build a....

Apr 30
XSS overide functions

One of my friend gave me a JavaScript code and asked to trigger an alert() by changing one....

Apr 27
Pwnable fd CTF walkthrough

In this document we are going to try a new CTF called file descriptor. This is from  .....

Nov 19
cookie consent banner javascript

Accordion to GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) If we collect or save any kind of website....

Apr 16
Wordpress nulled theme checker

We all love free stuff. So many people try to install premium themes and plugins on there WordPress....

Apr 12
C programming variables explained

In computer science you may heard about virtual memory model. In this model computer memory is....

Apr 09
C programming pointers explained

Pointer is a important concept in C programming. In this document we are going to learn about....


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